Makana Akamai

Makana Akamai

In Hawaiian, the phrase makana akamai means the gift of knowledge. Through the Makana Akamai program, you can donate books to a favorite library branch.

It’s a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday, honor someone for a special occasion or donate a book in someone’s memory. Individuals and groups have donated to this program as a way of showing their support for and thanks to their local libraries. Please help carry the 139-year tradition to promote and support Hawaii's public libraries.

You may specify a category or area of interest or select “Librarian’s Choice.” Categories are:


  • Art/Music/Recreation
  • Business/Science/Technology
  • Children’s
  • E-Books
  • Hawaii/Pacific
  • Language/Literature/History
  • Social Sciences and Philosophy
  • Young Adult.


Be a friend and give the gift of knowledge. You may:

1. Fill out the online form and submit electronically below.

2. Or, print and complete the Donation Form and return to us through the U.S. Mail. To use the form, you will need appropriate PDF software such as Adobe's free Acrobat Reader.


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