Links Player & Banquet Registration Form

Links Player & Banquet Registration Form

Please register your team players and any additional banquet attendees using this form.

Bronze (1 Team) 3-Players
Silver (2 Teams) 6-Players
Corporate (3 Teams) 9-Players
Platinum (3 Teams + Amenities) 9-Players

If you have more than one team, continue to the next page to fill in the information for all of your teams. If you have more than 3 teams, please submit and fill out the form again.

Team Entry Fees Include: All putting and closest to the hole contest entries, auction, and the banquet.

Banquet & Auction: Is included for Team members. Banquet tickets for guests are available.

Payment: If you would like to bring banquet guests, please let us know via this form and we will contact you for payment.

You may alternatively fill out a hard copy form found on the Links to Literacy webpage.